FlowPower makes it easier to keep up with workout goals

It’s mid-February, which could mean one of two things: you’re still following your New Year’s resolution of keeping fit (we applaud you) or you’ve given up entirely. If you fall within the latter category, you probably have come up with sundry excuses as to why you can’t make it to the gym—”It’s too cold”; “I’m just too busy”; “My chakras are not aligned!” Well, those excuses are about to get nullified thanks to a locally made fitness program called FlowPower.

“After 10 years of being in the fitness industry, we’ve kind of heard of every excuse out there,” says Stacey Hogbin, who co-created the program alongside Jesse Lipscombe, her business partner at Wevive Fitness. “We wanted to come up with something that takes all those excuses out of the equation.

“The idea behind it is [to show] everyone that they have an inner-athlete,” she continues. “Taking things that athletes use on a regular basis and turning it into a program that anyone can do in the comfort of their living room.”

FlowPower is a “self-propelled program” that fuses high-intensity body-sculpting circuits with movements found in yoga or tai chi. The program is available as DVD packages or as an online streaming service.

“You have to follow the trends of what is going on in the world, right? Everything is going digital,” Hogbin says. “We decided to jump on that bandwagon and create something that again takes the excuse out of the equation. If you have a digital download, you can literally do it anywhere. You don’t have to be in front of a TV. If you are travelling, you can do it on your phone. You don’t have to have anything. … The less they need, the less excuses they can make.”

While creating the program, Hogbin and Lipscombe considered all the factors that might stop someone from working out: time, lack of equipment, space available, fitness level and cost. The cheapest option comes in at $7.95 per month for the streaming service—hey, you already pay that for Netflix—which provides users with access to 12 instructional workout videos. The videos can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or computer and can be watched through the free application Intelivideo, which is required to use FlowPower.

There are three fitness levels in FlowPower: beginner (level one), intermidiate (level two) and advanced (level three)—all of which focus on participants using their own body weight to tone muscle and get in shape. Hogbin notes that when you start FlowPower, there will be an assessment (a “quick fit test”) to determine your fitness level. Within each FlowPower level are four videos of different lengths, ranging from 15 minutes to one hour.

In addition to the videos, each package contains a FlowPower workout plan as well as a meal plan for a female and male body type.

Little space and no equipment is required for the workouts—the instructors have mats in the videos, but Hogbin notes these are not necessary. The workouts in FlowPower are similar to the one-on-one training that Hogbin and Lipscombe provide at Wevive. Each high-intensity circuit is followed by either a yoga- or tai chi-based flow, which allows for some breathing room before transitioning into the next high-intesity portion.

“The idea is that you don’t stop moving the whole time,” Hogbin says. “Your recovery is the yoga or tai chi. The idea is that you literally flow through the whole workout and you don’t stop. Your body doesn’t stop moving and you are switching energy systems throughout the workout.”